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Raves for IN THE WINGS


"Comic romantic antics! Hits your funny bone! Marilyn Sokol draws genuine laughs, and lots of them! Lisa Datz and Josh Prince have undeniable stage appeal!"
-- The New York TImes

"If anyone should be well-versed in the ingredients that make a hit, it's
Stewart F. Lane!  The force behind nearly a dozen Broadway successes has put everything up to and including the kitchen sink in his showbiz satire 'In the Wings'.  Director Jeremy Dobrish has mined every possible moment of slapstick.  The lustily performed music snippets are unexpectedly fun.  We even feel a twinge of pathos - the icing on this sweet cupcake.  One walks away mightily entertained!"
-- Time Out New York

"Peter Scolari is a serious comic artist!"

"I recommend you take in a performance of IN THE WINGS to give a nice, hearty round of applause to a very good cast. They deserve it! In acting style, design and comedic spirit, IN THE WINGS will remind you of Three's Company, Love Boat and other popular comedies of the late 70s. The assortment of bell bottoms, hip huggers and mismatched prints are funny in their accuracy. The production mounted by director Jeremy Dobrish is very good."

"Comedies don't get much luckier! Peter Scolari chews the scenery with amusing gusto! Marilyn Sokol does what she does best; she might as well begin giving master classes in playing pushy Jewish moms! Josh Prince and Lisa Datz hit their comedic marks with precision!"
-- American Theater Web

"Peter Scolari brings the boyish exuberance and unique physicality that charmed Newhart fans with over-the-top gusto! Marilyn Sokol is perfectly cast! Josh Prince, Lisa Datz and Peter Scolari show off their chops in the musical numbers!"